bb-inflight offers a wide selection of catering products for inflight services to offer passengers the best onboard experience.

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Hot or cold? Large or small? Our catering equipment allows for easy storage of food and drink items.

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Sit back and relax. We’ve got just the right products to guarantee a smooth and comfortable journey.

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Fragrant and refreshing, our hygiene products enable you to travel in a clean environment.

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Airline equipment from a single source

bb-inflight is your single source supplier of choice for a complete range of airline equipment. We offer various products for inflight, catering, comfort and hygiene. Weither you are operating private jets, charter flights or working for an airline with many short and long haul flights, bb-inflight supplies you with all the airline equipment you need to start your flight well prepared.


Looking to offer your passenger a pleasant time on board?

Many products are required to offer your passengers a pleasant time on board and in order to provide the right service you require high quality, reliable airline equipment. bb-inflight is there to assist and advise you regarding our wide range of products and the many options for personalisation of these products.

We offer airlines new and refurbished catering equipment, so we can provide equipment fitting to every budget and for added flexibility we offer the possibility to temporarily rent equipment as well. Do not hesitate to contact us, so we can inform you about our reliable trolleys, standard unit containers, oven inserts and drawers for the best onboard service.


Comfort products in our airline equipment range

The airplane has taken off and your passenger is ready to sit back and relax. We are your supplier for the comfort products that make it possible for your passenger to fully enjoy the flight.

We can supply blankets and pillows for economy and business class to cover all the needs of your passenger.


Other product groups

We have many more inflight products to offer you. Looking for a good solution for onboard cooling, for serving hot drinks or for headphones? We have the right airline equipment in stock for you. Have a look at this product group section on our website and get inspired by the various solutions we provide. And don´t forget to check out our hygiene products like air refreshers, disinfectants or Squitos, the child friendly mosquito repellent with funny figures.


Is something missing?

contact us and we will be more than happy to help you find the right solution for your specific needs.