The right equipment for every galley

Reliable airline catering equipment is crucial for an optimal service on board and to ensure satisfaction from passengers and crew alike. We are the aviation industry´s supplier of choice for a wide range of high quality and reliable, EASA certified airline catering equipment to support you in your daily operations.


Distribution partner for Egret Aviation

bb-inflight is the European distribution partner for Egret Aviation. EASA approved manufacturer of inflight galley equipment. In our warehouse in Cologne we have a large stock of different types of Atlas and KSSU equipment like trolleys, drawers, containers and oven inserts to offer quick solutions for urgent equipment needs. We also act as intermediary between airlines and Egret Aviation for larger requests of equipment produced according to the airline´s specific operational needs, ergonomic requirements and branding demands in Egret´s state of the art production facility. Furthermore, we support the ever growing customer base of Egret Aviation with service, aftersales and parts. Egret Aviation, the professional´s choice for reliable galley equipment.


The right equipment for every budget

In order to provide solutions for all budgets we also offer refurbished airline catering equipment. Before reconditioned used equipment is offered we carefully inspect, test and clean each and every item to ensure many years of trouble-free operations.


Enhanced brand experience

We understand the need for placing your logo and name on equipment as marketing tool to enhance the brand experience of your passengers and as practical solution to differentiate your equipment during catering and logistical operations. Therefore, we offer plenty of options for placing and printing full colour logo´s on airline catering equipment and work closely together with our valued clients in order to offer the best brand experience and to optimise their operations.

Whatever en whenever you need, bb-inflight is your source for all the airline catering equipment you need. Feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to engage with you and inform you about the solutions we offer.